Michigan Progressive Health is now offering Group Ketamine Therapy Information (Royal Oak location only)

This is an innovative four-week program developed by Michigan Progressive Health to make ketamine therapy more affordable and accessible in the Metro Area.

  • MPH Group Ketamine Therapy (GKT) meets twice a week for eight total sessions.
  • Ketamine is administered orally while patients are in the office on Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • The group setting allows patients to have a safe environment to share their experience with both illness and improvement with the added benefit of group processing with a psychedelic integration therapist.
  • During the course of the group, we establish the correct oral dose for the patient with the potential for a prescription for home ketamine after the program completion.
  • When administered in this setting, our experience has been that oral ketamine has a significant potential for healing as well as to create personal and spiritual growth.

For more information click on the link above or call the Royal Oak office at 248-291-7709.