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About Us

The Michigan Progressive Health team is passionate about helping all of our patients alleviate their pain and suffering. At MPH, Megan Oxley, M.D. has built a ketamine practice on two important principles: to provide medical relief for those struggling with problems that can often be improved with a ketamine therapy regimen and, to provide superior medical attention in a safe, clean and well-appointed facility. We want the MPH clinic to feel more like home and less a doctor’s office.

Dr. Oxley is a founding member and current Vice President of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists and Practitioners (ASKP³), a group of board-certified physicians in the US actively pioneering ketamine treatment therapies for patients in need. For more information, visit askp.org.

The Problem

Seeking Relief

Individuals struggling with anxiety, addiction or mood disorders are often plagued with the overwhelming feeling that they will never feel better, that there is no hope. Too many patients are forced to take prescription medications for their ailments – from depression to PTSD, chronic pain to anxiety, from addiction to migraines. Those patients are often not getting the relief they need or deserve. Having tried countless options or various forms of help, improvement can be short-lived, and patients can end up right back where they started. Just “getting by” is neither a desirable nor sustainable solution for anyone, and many medications can be fruitless and even lead to addiction or worse.

What is normal?

Our Solution

Dr. Oxley first witnessed this never-ending cycle in the emergency department. She discovered that patients labeled as “drug-seekers” were really just seeking relief and that many mental illness patients were not getting the care they wanted and deserved. In trying to help a close friend out of that very same cycle, Dr. Oxley turned to ketamine to help patients with chronic pain and migraines. As she continued to research this medication more, she learned how ketamine could help not only physical pain, but mental pain as well. The more passionate Dr. Oxley became about alleviating suffering in these difficult to treat patients, the more convinced Dr. Oxley became that ketamine could be the answer.

What Sets Us Apart?

Enduring Dedication

Dr. Oxley sets herself apart from her peers with a keen dedication to putting the needs of the patients first, providing the very best care for a diverse range of ketamine patients. Not only do 70-80% of patients who are treated with ketamine experience significant relief from their symptoms, a great many of them are able to fully participate in their own lives again. Determined to provide this leading edge treatment for those who are genuinely in need, Dr. Oxley opened Michigan Progressive Health, a clinic dedicated to safe, comfortable, convenient and discreet ketamine therapy for patients who need it. She has since witnessed family, friends and patients from all walks of life who have benefitted from ketamine infusion therapy, making it possible for those individuals to get back to living normal, daily lives.

MPH Group Meetings

Michigan Progressive Health offers group meetings for our ketamine patients at NO additional cost. That gives us the opportunity to hear how patients are feeling and progressing with the therapy as well as learning and sharing experiences with peer patients.

Each meeting is held in the office and lead by our Therapist, offering a comfortable, safe place for small group interaction (typically 6-8 patients). Patients and the MPH team come together and share feelings, thoughts, experiences and personal stories about their experiences with ketamine infusion therapy. We want to be an active member of your support network.

Group sessions meet once a week- Mondays 5pm-6pm for the convenience of our patients.   View our events calendar here.

MPH Daily Program Monitoring

Michigan Progressive Health offers daily ‘check-ins’ via text message to insure that all of our patients are progressing with the treatment. Our team follows every patient’s mood response very closely…because every patient’s success is our success! MPH uses Mood Monitor which was specifically developed for ketamine patients.


“Mood Monitor program has come as a pleasant discovery.  Initially I wasn’t sure I would like being “bothered” every day. But I am coming to appreciate more and more the value of a visual display for both patient and physician.   However, equally importantly, the more I use it, the more I see an additional value.  When I get that daily text it also serves as a gentle reminder for me to pause before I answer and to take stock of how I am doing in utilizing the tools and habits that are available to me for staying well and to manage the illness as best I can.

For example, that daily ‘dopamine ding’ serves to remind me, invites me actually, to review how well (or poorly) I am:  getting physical exercise; finding a daily purpose; participating in my support groups (formal and informal); avoiding alcohol; being conscientious about sleep hygiene; practicing mindful meditation, complying with my meds regimen, eating healthy, and so on, etc., ad infinitum.   That ‘personal toolkit’ for managing depression will be similar, yet different’ for everyone.  But as I am slowly coming to realize, Mood Monitor serves as a valuable two-way communication tool.  And for that I am truly grateful.  Thanks again for making this part of your practice”

~ John G.

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