Ketamine infusion therapy is used to manage and treat depression, chronic pain, PTSD, and many other ailments.


Learn more about the importance of group therapy sessions for all our patients.


Free Consultations with our clinical ketamine physician, Dr. Megan Oxley! We can discuss your treatment in person or over the phone.


Clinical studies show improvement in 70-80% of all patients treated with ketamine.

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About Us

Michigan Progressive Health is here to offer relief to those who are depressed or anxious, suffer from chronic pain or are perhaps medicated for depression or PTSD – you are tired of not getting the relief you need. You have tried countless options with little or only short-lived improvement, and you often end up right back where you started. Just “getting by” or worst is just not enough. We are here to help with ketamine infusion therapy administered by a trained physician, Dr. Megan Oxley, MD.

Dr. Oxley is a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, a group of board-certified physicians in the US actively pioneering ketamine treatment therapies for patients in need. For more information, visit

Michigan Progressive Health has been open since early 2016!

Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Our ketamine infusion therapy is used to manage, treat and alleviate depression, chronic pain, PTSD, and many other ailments that keep patients from feeling their best.

What Are My Options?

Free Consultations with our clinical ketamine physician, Dr. Megan Oxley! We can discuss your treatment in person or over the phone. Call us now!

What People Are Saying…

Thank you so much for having the group sessions- you are the kindest doctor I have ever met…”


“Dr. Oxley saved my daughter’s life from treatment resistant depression with ketamine infusion. My daughter tried and failed eight different medications prescribed by a psychiatrist. Counseling did not work. Hospitalization did not work. Three years of traditional psychiatric treatment from the best professionals and tens of thousands of dollars spent did not make a difference. Ketamine infusion with Dr. Oxley was a miracle. The effects were immediate. Ketamine broke the depression, returned my daughter’s life to her and restored our family.”


“I want to thank everyone again who helped stop nine years of constant pain in one day! That’s magic, plain and simple. Yeah, it’s science, but magic science. I had convinced myself I would be living in pain for the rest of my life, and you stopped it. I feel so much gratitude. It’s difficult to put into words.”


“Wow! I am so happy we found Michigan Progressive Health. Dr. Oxley is amazing and by far the kindest and most compassionate… We’ve tried every treatment out there for my husband’s PTSD, anxiety and depression and were excited to find a clinic in Michigan that offers it. My husband had not been able to work in several years, had lost all confidence, and didn’t have much hope for the future…He’s been able to capitalize on how much better he feels and the results are stunning. He is much more engaged in life, and has even gone back to work as an RN!”

Haven’t Felt This Great in Years!

“This place is the best. The world needs more people like Dr. Oxley. She is a lifesaver for my wife. She has CRPS and this Dr. has so much compassion, the staff is the best also.

Love My Wife

“Dr. Oxley has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. She truly loves the people she sees and cares for.”

Needed Help

“…I know I’m in a safe environment…”

Feeling Safe... Finally

How Successful is it?

Research shows improvement in 70-80% of all patients who are treated with ketamine. Michigan Progressive Health has had similar results in our over 600+ infusions provided.